Read how Besso Clinic helped a patient find relief from Scoliosis

Often a patient hears about how Besso Clinic was able to help a friend or family member find relief from chronic pain, and decides to give our clinic a try for their own pain. They enter the office, hopeful to find some relief, and often a bit unsure if our NUCCA upper cervical technique will work for them. It is exciting to share in their journey as they find relief from chronic pain.

Jennifer H. was excited to share her story:

For at least 10 years I have suffered from on and off Scoliosis pain. I had x-rays to determine the severity of the Scoliosis, but I have never had any treatments for it. In addition to the Scoliosis, I had decreased range of motion in my neck, back pain, and tight muscles in my mid to upper back. My shoulders and my hips were also unlevel.
I was told about the Besso Clinic from a friend and about the great results they were having, so I decided to try it out for myself. Since I have started my NUCCA treatments, 90% of my symptoms listed above are gone!! Yes gone! I am also sleeping better and feel more relaxed, which makes me happy.
The staff is outstanding, friendly, courteous, and helpful. They are very welcoming and make me feel at home. I really like their professionalism and the Thank You note I got for committing to my treatment plan.
Coming frequently in the beginning wasn’t something I liked, but I knew it was necessary and I can tell you it helped me! I would recommend anyone with neck or back pain to come here. The Besso Clinic of Chiropractic offers exceptional
-Jennifer H. Tallmadge, Ohio
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  1. Congrats to all of you:) I too have three children and would have loved to do the water birth. I was bessled to pull two of three out on my own. What a lovely video you have all created. Blessings to all of you and all the help that was there for you. All three of your children are just beautifil and a lovely couple you are as well. Very well and tastefully done!

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