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Low Back Pain, Sciatica and Fatigue

“Prior to coming to the Besso Clinic I had chronic low back pain with pain going down my right leg and little to no energy. I could not sit or stand for long periods of time, and always needed to be close to a chair or stool whenever I went anywhere. This had been going on since I was a six years old after falling off a horse. I had never attributed sixty plus years of pain to that particular incident.

I have seen chiropractors, osteopaths, had three surgeries, including decompression, a laminectomy, implants, fusions, magnetic therapy, SI injections, pain medications, and another surgery to have the implants removed. Whatever treatment anyone mentioned, I would try. There just had to be some help. I tried several types of pain patches as well. The only real relief came from strong medications. I couldn’t tolerate most pain medications.

In just one month and so few adjustments I am feeling so much better; I haven’t taken a pain pill in almost a month! My constipation, low back pain, and overall condition are much improved. I am sleeping much better; I haven’t taken a sleeping pill since my first week visiting Dr. Geoff!

If my success can be an indicator, why wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity to give it a try? I am beginning to think Dr. Geoff walks on water! It is just amazing that I feel so good! I am even able to work out in my yard, which is my passion.

I look forward to my appointments and seeing everyone at the Besso Clinic. It is a pleasure to finally say “I feel great”. It has been so very long since I have been able to say that!”

— Armide S. Akron, Ohio


“I’ve always considered myself to be very blessed. Not without hardship mind you, but with a family who with God’s help, finds ways to deal with great difficulties. That’s why, when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2003, I felt fortunate to be directed to a psychiatrist who specialized in fibromyalgia and in fact, suffers from the disorder himself. I took the medication and vitamin supplements this physician prescribed faithfully for years.

The condition wasn’t supposed to progress, but regardless of strictly following doctor’s orders, my health was deteriorating. My clothing size doubled and worse yet I had headaches every single morning for 6 years. A few times a month the daily headaches, which I could at least function with, turned into migraines. I struggled with depression, painful sleep, constant fatigue and exhaustion; extremely poor short and sometimes long term memory problems; my trigger points of pain ranged from 11 to 18 on average and I’m certain there are more than are officially recognized! Many things I enjoyed had to be left behind; tennis, gardening, and biking, even throwing a ball with my kids. Never mind contact sports, grocery shopping and housework could wipe me out for a day or two; or leave me in pain just carrying anything heavy something, as simple as, a full laundry basket!

However, stopping or lying down, may have been a thought, but never an option for any real period of time, as I cared for my husband and our children and my aging parents (no matter how autonomous any of them claim to be). I was tired of being tired! Sick of being sick! I was so sick of worrying my family and not being able to keep up with my very wonderful, active husband and our youngest child.

Well desperate times call for desperate measures… I think seeing Dr. Besso’s full spread advertisement in the Falls News Press was finally God’s answer to prayers. The day of my initial evaluation I got very teary explaining to Dr. Besso, that I had slept through my son’s baseball game the previous day and that coming to him was a last attempt to find healing and most especially I was afraid to hope, convinced and at once horrified, that I would be stuck in a cycle of pain for the rest of my life.

When I returned to the office for Dr. Besso to report his findings, I was stunned as he placed my cervical x-rays in the light and stated, “I believe I’ve found the cause of your fibromyalgia. No promises, but I think I can help you.” What!?! That’s impossible; no one talks about a cause! The popular consensus is “they” don’t know the causes, only palliative measures, a bit of comfort care. Then when his adjustment was such a light touch and so painless, I thought, “Ok, either this man is part of a medicine show, or he’s really practicing something exceptional.” Well, read on because, I’m happy to say he is clearly practicing something exceptional!

He said I might get a headache that day–well, I wouldn’t know the difference, because my daily headache was already happening. In fact, it got worse when I slipped on the slope of a footbridge and landed legs in the air, flat on my back. I thought for certain any good from my adjustment that day was undone. I went to bed discouraged.

BUT, the next morning, before I opened my eyes, my first conscience thought was, “I don’t have a headache!” My second dawning was the trigger points in my hips didn’t feel like penknives were stabbing me! I swung my feet out of bed. I stood up, NO PAIN! NONE! I just started walking and I wasn’t stiff!! I looked at the clock….I had slept through the night and it was after 8:00am. Incredible!

My husband was extremely skeptical. He couldn’t understand how after just the first treatment, in addition to such a severe fall the night before, that I could possibly be feeling so good. Not only did I feel good that day, but I am especially pleased to report that I have not had a headache since. That’s 8 weeks and counting!! Perhaps, beyond my own relief, our 6 year old has said it best, “Mom, your voice is different and you laugh a lot!”

I’ve always considered myself to be very blessed and now with the continued work of NUCCA doctors like Dr. Besso and his staff, I have a shot at being healthy and strong enough to resume the active life I was used to and even hope for better things to come.”

— Gwen P. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

“I am not a paid celebrity, nor will this write up be concluded with disclaimers in fine print at the bottom of the page. I am a 27 year old male whom had been dealing with neck and lower back pain for about five years. It had been getting progressively worse and was accompanied by severe headaches and loss of sleep. I soon recognized these problems were spilling over into daily life and manifesting themselves in a variety of ways. Fatigue was making it increasingly more difficult to get through the work week and the burden of coping with pain on a daily basis was causing me to be more irritable and less patient with my four children, all of whom are under the age of 5 (obviously a crucial time to have infinite patience).

After being urged by my mother I finally came to the Besso Clinic. I was diagnosed with subluxation of the spine, which was causing my cervical vertebrae to pinch my brain stem nerves before branching to the rest of my body. After further evaluation Dr. Besso concluded that he could offer his expertise in order to straighten me out which would help relieve the pain. He then put me on a ten month treatment plan, which was refreshing, as it created an obtainable goal and took some of the uncertainty out of this relatively unknown procedure.

Interestingly, prior to my first adjustment, which was surprisingly gentle, I noticed results in another, previously thought to be unrelated, ailment. For over ten years I had been suffering from periodic anxiety attacks that would last for 24 hours. Through the years these attacks were becoming more frequent and I sought medical help. Consequently pharmaceuticals were the recommended “treatment”, and I was set to begin a life with a medicated frame of mind. This didn’t last long however, as I would rather have monthly panic attacks than be sedated daily. After my first adjustment I noticed a decrease in anxiety levels. Although its not completely gone its much more manageable and improving as the nerves begin the healing process.

I am now a few months into my treatment and am leading a life relatively free of neck and lower back pain. I would encourage anyone experiencing pain or discomfort to at least come in for a consultation and evaluate whether or not the Besso Clinic is for you. Dealing with pain is no way to live your life. As you begin treatment your outlook and quality of life improves with each visit as does the feeling of hope for a pain free future.”

— Ryan H. Stow, Ohio

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Migraine headaches

“For several years, I have suffered from migraines. Typically, I would have 5 or 6 a year. They were debilitating. I would be holed up in a dark, quiet room for at least 7 or 8 hours. By that time, the headache would be subsiding, but I would be completely exhausted. So, I would go to sleep for the night. I wouldn’t feel “normal” again for at least 3 or 4 days following the migraine.

When I was in school, I was working for a chiropractor. He adjusted me regularly. During those two years, my migraines began to increase in frequency. I got to the point that I had 6 migraines within a 2 week period. So, I would barely recover from one when the next would hit. Keep in mind that I was trying to study, work and take exams during this time. It was a challenge, to say the least.

Finally, I tried an upper cervical specific chiropractor. He explained my misalignment and recommended that I proceed with a few months of care. Well, I did take his advice and went through with the care. I was astounded that after I received my first adjustment, I didn’t have another migraine for 13 months!!! Wow, I had my life back!

Now, Dr. Geoff has taken over my case. I am thrilled to report that I have been migraine-free for 7 years and counting! I get checked regularly to ensure that I am still in alignment of course. I could not be happier with the results!”

–Dr. Amy Besso

Headaches, Severe Numbness, Itchiness

“I am 31 and came to the Besso Clinic with headaches and severe numbness and itchiness in my hands. My hands felt like Mickey Mouse hands and I even had trouble with buttons. I also has an achiness into the wrists/elbows and shoulders. My hands felt weak and everything was getting progressively and rapidly worse. I clean homes and naturally my hands are very important and my weakness and numbness was certainly affecting my ability to work. I was told previously it was mild tendonitis and that heat and Motrin would take care of it. It didn’t. I came in not really knowing what to expect, and was blown away by my care here.

After visiting the Besso Clinic I’ve had fewer headaches and my hands feel normal again! I especially like the way Besso Clinic makes you feel as a patient. They really did bend over backwards for me, not just my schedule but in every possible way they could. I tell everyone I know that they need to check out Besso Clinic of Chiropractic, they are awesome, they’ll feel better for doing so!”

— Jody P. Streetsboro, OH

Neck Pain and Sinus Headaches

“When I started coming to the Besso Clinic I had severe pain on the right side of my neck as well as frequent sinus headaches related to weather changes. I have had sinus headaches my entire adult life; the neck pain was persistent on and off for at least a year. I was a frequent user of over the counter pain medications.

The staff is always kind, gentle, and welcoming. Any medical treatment can be a bit intimidating the first time, but the Besso Clinic personnel were calming and friendly. The best part of the treatment is by far the results! My sinus headaches have all but subsided, and I am also virtually pain free in my neck. No matter the time commitment, it was definitely worth it.

I have already recommended the Besso Clinic to many friends, and will continue to be a strong proponent of the type of chiropractic care at the Besso Clinic!”

— Ted K. University of Notre Dame

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“Several months ago Dr. Besso came to the Summa Wellness Center and spoke about his work with patients who were suffering with chronic pain. I am so glad I attended this session.

I have been experiencing pain for almost 15 years with finally a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. The water programs at Summa had been helping but it was not until I began treatment with Dr. Besso that my life improved.

Before treatment, I had to choose between the activities I love – playing piano and organ, gardening, quilting and sewing. I could not do any of them longer than 20 minutes before the pain would be in my shoulders, arms and hands.

I am so glad I found this treatment! Thank you Dr. Besso. Thank you Summa. I would try to stretch my shoulders and neck to make the pain go away. I would try to always have good posture, never carry a purse hung over my shoulder. The doctors had suggestions but none of them worked. Getting my spine in alignment seems to have been the answer.

Since I have been coming to the Besso Clinic I have not had any flare ups. I am no longer on pain medications (which had begun to affect my liver).

I have had days when I did all of the activities I love. I am back to my walking program several hours at a time.”

— Karen J. Tallmadge, Ohio

Leg Numbness and Sciatica

“I was having numbness and tingling and pain in my right leg. An MRI showed I had bulging lumbar discs and degenerative disc disease. It had been recommended to me that I needed surgery. I really felt I needed to try other options before agreeing to surgery. My daughter suggested I try seeing a chiropractor. I’ll admit I was hesitant but finally agreed to call for an appointment.

I had my first appointment at the Besso Clinic on October 2, 2006. Doctor Geoff examined me and took a number of x-rays. He did tell me I had some degeneration of discs and I was way out of alignment. I also had a problem with one leg showing shorter than the other and the same with one of my hips, as well as the angle I held my head was to the side. He wanted to check out the x-rays further and said he would let me know at my next appointment on the 12th whether or not he thought he could help me.

I had an appointment on the 12th and another on the 16th where he did some adjusting for me and assured me he thought he could help with my problem. I couldn’t tell at that time whether the treatments were helping me. I went out of town on the 18th and did not have another appointment until the 27th. As I was driving to that appointment, I realized that in the time I was on my trip I had not experienced either any numbness or tingling. I was so excited to tell Dr. Geoff the news. You know sometimes you live with something for a time and don’t even realize it when it isn’t there anymore. I was overjoyed to know that the treatments were really helping me and giving me such relief.

The care and concern shown by Dr. Geoff and Dr. Amy is truly a blessing. They are so gracious and friendly. You immediately feel like you are all one family working together for one goal. They go out of their way to help you and to work with you.

I highly recommend the Besso Clinic to anyone experiencing pain or discomfort. You won’t be disappointed.”

— Pat V. Uniontown, Ohio

Low Back Pain and Hip Pain

“I have had lower back pain and left hip pain for over five years. My neck and shoulders have been a problem for six to seven years. I sought relief from physical therapy, massage, and anti-inflammatories and the pain stayed the same.

Dr. Besso and the staff are always so polite and courteous! I especially like the pain free adjustments! I am now able to sleep better and hike longer distances. At times, I was unable to turn over in bed without excruciating pain, now I don’t even twinge!

I would absolutely recommend visiting the Besso Clinic, it is worth it for your health and comfort!”

— Rebecca H. Akron, Ohio

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Back Pain, Neck Pain, Fatigue, Knee Pain

“My condition when I first saw Dr. Besso was back and neck pain, fatigue, trouble sleeping, and pain in both knees. I had suffered for at least 2 years. I had surgery for the patella tendon on the left knee, but did not see anyone for other pains.

The staff at the Besso Clinic treated me wonderfully. They are very approachable and made me feel comfortable. You don’t feel like just another patient. The doctor and the staff get to know you personally.

What I liked most about the care are the results without any painful treatments. What I liked the least is not having food like the patient appreciation day more often!! HA! HA!

My care at the Besso Clinic has resulted in minimal pain in my neck, back and knees! I sleep so much more comfortably and am excelling in the activities I enjoy, like basketball. My teammates say that my, “Jumper is butter because I am always on a roll.” At 34 years old, I’m able to play better than my opponents who are mostly in their early 20’s. Not too shabby!! I have less pain and more energy due to my treatments. I already recommend Dr. Besso to whomever asks and to those who I feel need it.”

— Robert D.


“I have fibromyalgia. My neck and shoulders hurt so bad I couldn’t do much, I had a hard time just picking up my granddaughters. I had suffered with this for about four years before I began treatment at the Besso Clinic.

The staff here is amazing, everyone is so nice. They are always pleasant, it’s has a great atmosphere. I like it that Dr. Besso is someone that I feel I can trust because he is a Christian.

I feel like I have more energy, less anxiety, and the pain in my shoulders and neck is getting a lot better. I would definitely recommend the Besso Clinic to anyone.”

— Jeri D. Stow, Ohio

Wellness, Low Back Pain

“I have had lower back pain for about one and a half years. When I first came to the Besso Clinic I learned that my condition was called a subluxation. I enjoyed learning about the skeletal structure, muscles, and conditions which cause problems to these areas.

The Besso Clinic staff is always so friendly when coming into the office! Since coming to the Besso Clinic I have an increased range of motion, better sleep, and my back pain has been completely eliminated. I love being healthier!

I have recommended Dr. Besso and the Besso Clinic to several of my friends. I carry extra cards everywhere to share with others!”

–Denise C. Akron, OH

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Stiffness, Headaches, Heel Numbness

“I suffered from neck stiffness, backaches, headaches, and numbness in my left heel. I have had headaches since I was 10 years old. My neck and back problems are a result of having scoliosis and being a nurse’s assistant. My heel pain started 2 weeks prior to coming for treatments.

I have tried 2 different other types of chiropractic treatments and over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs for my conditions. I also had a lot of gastro-intestinal side affects.

I have been both impressed and grateful to Besso Clinic and the staff. Education is the key to a patient following through with proper care and treatment. After a few treatments, my heel numbness has greatly improved.

As a mother and Registered Nurse, I’m on my feet a lot! I help others to improve their health and find comfort everyday. I have a history of scoliosis and a new job that demands heavy lifting of a laptop, briefcase, and nursing bag. When I felt numbness in my heel one morning, I was concerned. It’s important that I maintain my own health so that I can continue to care for others.”

— Jamie W., RN Rootstown, OH

Dizziness, Numbness…

“I just wanted to share my experience with the Besso Clinic. I was suffering from sever pain in my neck and lower back. I was unable to sleep for more then 45 minuets at a time. I was also getting a ringing in my ears, numbness in my toes, and would sometimes get dizzy as I looked up. As I work construction, this could be very dangerous. At the consistent badgering of my daughter (Katie Pickett), as she had found relief from 7 years of migraines via the services of the Besso Clinic, I decided to go. I was pretty pessimistic at first, as I am 49 and had not seen a doctor since I was 20 years old. But after the x-rays and 2 visits for re-alignment I was able to sleep through the night free of pain. I had no numbness in my toes and could look up without getting dizzy. The next two visits I held my alignment. I am happy for my daughter’s constant nagging and caring about her dad. I would strongly recommend the Besso Clinic to anyone having similar problems as they are honest, sincere, caring, and have made me feel one thousand percent better.”

— Terry B.

Failed back surgery, fibromyalgia…

“When I began treatment at the Besso Clinic I had suffered for much of my adult life with fibromyalgia, TMJ, irritable bowel syndrome, mid back pain, chronic fatigue and pain in my hands and feet. I’ve had three back surgeries, both knees replaced, and have had to wear a bite plane for years for my TMJ.

In an attempt to treat my fibromyalgia and the pain in my hands and feet I saw three different doctors who prescribed many medications and gave me cortisone shots. I saw many different doctors for my IBS and was given many medications. Nothing seemed to help.

Coming to the Besso Clinic has been a great success for me, and for the many problems I had suffered with for many years. My fibromyalgia is now gone! The pain in my feet and hands is gone. My TMJ is gone. This has been a positive experience, just unbelievable! I am doing things I haven’t been able to do for years, like gardening and golfing!

I would recommend to anyone to get there as quick as you can! There isn’t a thing I don’t like about the care, the staff is always exceptional and caring.”

— Suzanne C.

Sleep, Flexibility

“I came in with lower back pain and hip pain. I was out of alignment. I’m so pleased with my progress so far – after only 3 visits I am walking better, sleeping better, I can reach my feet to put on my shoes with ease. My pain is so much less than just 2 weeks ago. I am standing straighter and my hips are even instead of one being higher than the other. I’m thrilled to be finding such success in so short of a time!”

— Kathy B. Stow, Ohio

Low back pain, PMS

“I came for my consultation with Dr. Geoff. I came in because of the Ad in the paper and a lot of urging from my family. I have had lower back pain for more years then I care to remember and I have been diagnosed with depression.

By the time I came to the Besso Clinic I had just experienced my second month of being flat on my back during my period. I have tried different medications, physical therapy and exercise. Nothing worked and I needed some changes. Dr. Geoff showed me that my shoulders weren’t level, my head wasn’t straight, one leg was shorter than the other, my hips weren’t level, there was a slight rotation of my spine and that I didn’t have full movement in turning my neck.

Dr. Geoff told me originally that as he does the adjustments my body will go through some old symptoms as I get back on center but not to worry that this is normal. After my first adjustment I wasn’t expecting much to happen but the first thing I noticed was I was able to turn my neck both ways evenly. Over the three weeks that I have been coming in I have noticed quite a few changes. My shoulders are level, I’ve had some problems with my balance, my nose has been running, I haven’t felt so depressed, my bowel movements are more frequent, and I have been very cold at times. I have had some lower back pain but more like stiffness, my left leg has had some pain to where I couldn’t stand for long periods of time but that is getting better.

Now, as I write this I am about a week away from my period and I haven’t noticed my normal PMS problems. Normally I would get moody, my ankles would swell, I would have uncontrollable cravings and about two weeks before I would get allot of pressure in my pelvic area.

I am very thankful I found the ad in the paper and found the Besso Clinic in Stow, Ohio. Dr. Geoff, Dr. Amy and Shelley have all been great and I am looking forward to a great SUCCESS.”

— Lisa D. Streetsboro, Ohio

I put the walker away!…

“When I first began treatment at the Besso Clinic I had extreme pain in my back and legs, and was using a walker to get around. I had been suffering for the last 25 years, with the last 8 being the worst pain I had ever had experienced. I had taken pain pills, gotten cortisone shots three different times, and tried acupuncture. Nothing did any good.

The best part of the care at the Besso Clinic is the gentleness of the doctor and the softness that he works with you. Dr. Besso is the most wonderful of chiropractor, he is gentle, soft and very caring.

I would recommend the Besso Clinic to anyone. I found out about them through a friend, and am so glad that I did! I’m able to to walk slowly, but I’m walking and getting better each day. I am going to take apart and store my walker, I haven’t used it in weeks!”

— Beulah F. Mantua, Ohio

Trigeminal Neuralgia, Face Pain

“Have you ever performed one small action in your life that brought about a major change in your life? This happened to me when I contacted Dr. Geoff Besso. When I told Dr. Besso about my diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia he said that he thought he could help me.

I have suffered terrible pain for approximately 13 years. My facial nerve pain was like an electric shock which I had at least 20 times a day. Sometimes it was so severe that it brought tears to my eyes. It happened whenever I would eat or talk, or when I would wash my face or hug or kiss a loved one. Also, the skin around my right eye would itch so much that I would rub it even during sleep.

After beginning upper cervical chiropractic treatment with Dr. Geoff Besso I noticed that my pain and itching gradually went away. At first I remained cautiously optimistic, but now I am convinced without a doubt that Dr. Geoff’s care and treatment have returned me to health and happiness. I bless the day that God guided me to this kind, skillful, and gifted man.”

— Rosemary H. CRNA, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Neck Motion, Leg Pain

“The best referrals always come from friends. My friend Ann shared with me how much better she was feeling and all the positive changes her body was going thru. She didn’t even know that I had suffered with leg pain since my son was born. Each year it was getting worse I couldn’t sleep on my left side or my right side so I tossed and turned until I finally would fall asleep. I also couldn’t look sideways especially while driving. I would have to move my whole body to look over my shoulder. After a couple of adjustments my leg pain decreased significantly. It has continued to improve and while I was on my morning walk the other day and I turned my head to look up the street before crossing my head turned without any restrictions. I had almost forgotten that it was supposed to work that way. Thanks to Dr. Geoff and Dr. Amy for fixing me.”

— Margaret C. Akron, Ohio

Pain, fatigue, stiffness, IBS, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, TMJ…

“When I first saw the doctors at the Besso Clinic I had suffered with pain, fatigue, stiffness, irritable bowel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, TMJ and depression for twenty years. I was prescribed antidepressants along with methotrexate, and humara.

I feel better than I have felt in a long time! My ears are opening up and I have less fatigue! The staff treats me great, I feel like I have their full attention. There isn’t anything I don’t like about the care from the Besso Clinic.

The Besso Clinic is a great place to heal.”

–Laura V.

Acid reflux, low back pain, leg pain

“In February of 2006, I began having severe pain in my lower back, left hip, and down my leg. It quickly reached the point where I could not lay on that side or sit or stand comfortable. I had always been afraid of chiropractic care, but really didn’t want to go through the typical doctor’s routine of anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy. So, I decided to try Besso Clinic and I am so glad I did! After very thorough x-rays and examination, Dr. Amy began my adjustments. My pains began to diminish after only 3 visits and were completely gone soon thereafter. But more amazingly were the other changes I began noticing in my body. For many years, I have suffered with extreme pain in my neck and shoulders. All of a sudden I realized I was going for weeks at a time without any pain. Also, a breathing problem that I regularly had was gone. But the most surprising was the effect chiropractic care had on my reflux. I was taking Zantac every night before I started at the Besso Clinic; after these adjustments, I now only have to take one occasionally after a spicy meal. I am extremely happy with Besso Clinic and the results I have experienced.”

— Tiffany B. Stow, Ohio

Osteoporosis, back pain

“I have had back pain for as long as I can remember. In the past I have seen orthopedic surgeons, and family physicians and still had the pain.

More recently I had the most severe pain I have ever experienced on the low back, right through to the stomach. I went to the Emergency room and they took x-rays and gave me a shot for temporary relief. My daughters referred me to the Besso Clinic and within a few months I was able to function again without severe pain.

At the age of 77, with osteoporosis, I can now go to the office everyday, that’s so good! Without a doubt, Dr. Besso has treated me gently and relieved my pain. I am so grateful!”

— Maxine A. Stow, Ohio

Neck pain

“My name is James W. I am 75 years old and I live in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. In 1965, I was involved in a serious automobile accident. I was knocked out of my car and run over by another car. Needless to say, I spent a considerable amount of time in St. Thomas Hospital. My left side was crushed and numerous bones were broken. In time, I healed up and was able to continue my life. But after the accident, I was never able to turn my head fully in either direction. When I tried, the pain was horrible. I visited two medical doctors. Both took numerous x-rays and told me that there was nothing wrong with me. I finally found Dr. Besso and after one visit he told me my atlas bone was seven degrees off center. After six visits, my neck pain is gone. I can move my head in both directions fully. I don’t know if Dr. Besso’s treatments are responsible, but I don’t need my glasses to see far off anymore. I just need my glasses to read.

Going to Dr. Besso’s Clinic reminds me of some of the Bible stories where Jesus laid His hands on the afflicted and healed them. I know Dr. Besso is not Jesus, but he put his hands on my neck and I haven’t felt as good in 40 years.”

–James M. Webb

Limited daily activities

“My neck, back and right knee pain started years ago. I’m sure jumping off of a roof when I was a child played a key roll in the pain I experience now. I have been unable to find relief. My daily activities are limited because I have a problem walking and standing up straight. I tried to get some relief by going to a different chiropractor and unfortunately the pain was still there. I also had back surgery not so long ago and still I needed something else. I became a patient of Dr. Geoff’s about eight months ago. I have never experienced treatment quite like this. Dr. Geoff is so gentle with his adjustments, and his concern for me and what it will take to get me healthy is above and beyond what I would have ever imagined. The staff at the Besso Clinic is also wonderful, helpful and very concerned about my improvements. Since being a patient here I have experienced remarkable changes and a lot less pain. Words just do not explain it. You will have to try it; you’ll like it and see results.”

–Mary B.

Arm numbness

“I had been suffering with numbness in my left arm for about two years. The medical doctor gave me celebrex, but it didn’t help. It continued to fall asleep. Now, my arm is 80% better in less than one month of treatment at the Besso Clinic! I am very excited about the relief I have gotten. The whole staff at the Besso Clinic is friendly, and I have received great treatment from everyone. I would recommend Besso Clinic to anyone. I have gotten lots of relief in my arm and my back.”

— Milford D. Stow, Ohio

Extremely stiff neck, nerve pain in the leg

“Prior to coming to the Besso Clinic and Dr. Amy, I was experiencing an extremely sore, stiff neck and nerve pain in my lower back and right leg. The back pain is from herniated discs and stenosis. The neck was a new ailment that was becoming chronic.

I called Dr. Amy, as she was referred to me. I was astounded at the degree of misalignment my head was and all the cascading effects it brings. As I committed to the treatment, the neck pain and stiffness went away and the low back stiffness and nerve pain also went away. One of the many benefits, to my surprise, is how much more in tune I am with my alignment. I know when I need adjusting, and how good I feel afterward. I also had friends and family notice that my posture has improved with the treatments.

In closing, I would like to thank Dr. Amy and the Besso Clinic for my success. We owe it to ourselves and loved ones to feel as good as we can, and help others feel the same way.”

— Anthony I. Mayfield, Ohio

Abdominal pain, back pain

“I have suffered for many years with abdominal pain and back pain. My left foot is turned in quite a bit, and I felt tired most of the time. I have been to a family doctor, an obstetrician, an orthopedic doctor and even a foot doctor and I was still suffering. Between all of those doctors I was given orthotics four times, an orthopedic brace with six steel inserts (which were very uncomfortable), and I was told that I had cancer and was scheduled for an operation in three days. The surgery was a disaster, there was NO CANCER…and to top it all off I was allergic to the anesthesia! I was in the hospital for days vomiting. Volumes of green liquid came out of me. They wanted to re-open me, but I refused.

I learned about “Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care” from an article in the Akron Beacon Journal. This sounded like something that could help me. I attended a meeting about it, and began treatment. I’m finding a lot of good things are going on inside of me. I have better digestion, more energy and relief from my back and stomach pain. My abdominal pain is gone. I am more relaxed and my lopsided hips are beginning to equalize. My feet are coming along and my spine is straightening. I’m glad I started this treatment, I love the professional, straightforward, clean manner of presentation and follow through. I also like the friendly and kind manners of my doctor. When people ask me about the Besso Clinic I tell them “go for it!”

— Joan M.

Arm pain, sharp pain in the leg, constant low back pain

“Before I started with the Besso Clinic I had a pain down my left arm, a sharp pain down my left leg, and constant lower back pain. It was hard for me to get up after sitting awhile and sleeping at night. I waited for the pain to go away on its own. (But it didn’t). I kept taking Advil and rubbing lotions and using heat for relief, (which did help for awhile) but the pain always came back.

Then a friend told me about the Besso Clinic. The first week the pain in my arm and leg were gone. Later my back pain was much better. I can get right up now without pain and I can sleep all through the night.

I really appreciate everything Dr. Geoffrey did for me. I’d like to thank Dr. Amy for being so nice and helpful.”

— Carole K. Copley, Ohio

Scoliosis, migraine headaches

“Over the years, I have visited three different chiropractors for my scoliosis, migraine headaches and various other ailments. My results were minimal and very temporary at best.

My experience at the Besso Clinic was much different from the others. The gentleness of the chiropractic treatments was amazing — no twisting, no cracking and no trauma. I don’t feel a thing, but still got great results.

Since coming under the care of Dr. Amy and Dr. Geoff, I have not experienced a migraine headache in over a year. The tightness in my back has lessened. Even my achy knees feel better.

I heartily recommend the Besso Clinic to anyone who will listen.”

— Patricia K Mentor, Ohio

Heavy head, trap tightness

“I was very depressed over the death of a loved one. I was trying to meditate for long hours to regain inner composure. My head felt like it weighed 60 lbs. causing neck pain and upper traps pain and some lower back pain. When I saw the x-rays, there was no doubt that my neck was out of alignment. I needed relief and that’s exactly what I got. There were a lot of changes during the process. At the beginning after the treatment, my inner perception was that my spinal cord was twisted like a rubber band. I know it wasn’t but that’s how it felt. I was so amazed that such a gentle treatment could cause such drastic internal changes. I was so used to being off balance that it seemed normal. So when I started to actually be in balance it felt out of balance. Gradually, after a couple of months, everything was easing up and coming into true balance.

I am so grateful that there are finally wholesome young doctors that aren’t guessing about the problem but know what it really is. This is the greatest staff of any doctor that I’ve ever been to in my life. Besso Clinic is the “BESTO!” There’s an old fashioned sort of atmosphere – very polite and respectful and calm.”

— Edith O. Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Neck tension, eye burning, low back pain, headaches…

“I am a 69 year old man who has been living more than 40 years with discomfort and the inability to enjoy a normal physical activity without pain. Nearly 13 years ago, I experienced an unbelievable severe low back pain that made me immobile and put me in bed for 2 ½ weeks. I never want to feel pain like that again. For 40 years plus, I have sought advice and treatment from the medical and chiropractic community. I have consulted homeopathic practitioners, sports medicine authorities, and nutrients.

I tried to manage my physical activity to avoid increased discomfort and pain. However, my son and I own a service company that requires us to tax our bodies. We work in demanding areas like attics, basements, crawl spaces, etc. Hence, each day I am reminded that I have asked my body to perform tasks that lead to headaches, discomfort, muscle cramping, and pain. My physical problem exists and I need help and relief.

I saw a Besso Clinic print ad and make an appointment. Dr. Geoffrey Besso gave me an examination and took some x-rays. At my next appointment my x-rays were reviewed, I received a treatment and a treatment plan was initiated.

I had responded to the Besso Clinic ad because my neck shoulders and upper back for months were experiencing increased tension and pain. My eyes burned and were strained and the headaches were increasing in severity.

My muscles were less tense, the ache and pain was gone, my eyes no longer had the burning sensation, and I had not experienced a headache.

After 6 weeks, I can report that I am enjoying many other positive changes. For years, I could not sleep on my back or on my side. I can now again sleep on my side. Instead of waking up every 2 hours like before treatment, I now regularly sleep an undisturbed 5 – 7 hours. I feel more rested and mentally aware with more energy. I no longer experience leg cramps. My neck and head movement range is greatly improved. Skin tone on my face, head, and one hand has been poor to severe for years. (blemishes, redness, and scaling). My skin tone is better. The redness and blemishes are diminishing and the scaling is much less.

The physical and emotional improvements I have noted are exciting. I am grateful! I also believe many positive changes are occurring in my body. If I can see external changes, then internally equally positive actions are happening.

I know that mentally my memory and mental capacities are improving.

I look forward to continuing Dr. Geoffrey’s treatment plan and thanks to Dr. Geoffrey Besso and The Besso Clinic for being there.”

–Harlon M.

Degenerated hip

“My problem began when I was a child and I achieved my full skeletal growth. I have a bad right hip so I limp when I walk. This has caused me a lot of pain in my life and makes it hard for me to get around and do even the smallest things that some people might consider easy. I tried everything from pain medications, massage therapists and I even went to a different chiropractor. At the age of sixty my right hip pain still exists and follows me every where I go. I have received a left hip replacement some time ago and I am now waiting for my right hip to be replaced. I am not sure when that will be, so to help with the pain I have been receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Geoff for about four months now. Since being a patient at the Besso Clinic, I have actually seen results! My walking has improved and continues to improve. The staff has been excellent and I would recommend Dr.Geoff at the Besso Clinic to anyone who truly cherishes their health.”

— Jan P. Akron, OH


“I’ve suffered with severe migraines for 15 years. I was involved in an automobile accident in January 2008, and the migraines became more and more frequent. I was also having painful muscle spasms, numbness, tingling, and dizziness.

I saw a physical therapist for three months without improvement. I felt more flexible, but the migraines were still present and painfully debilitating. I was taking Imitrex, which is very expensive, up to five times a week to get rid of the pain. The medication left me dizzy and tired. My physical therapist recommended I come see Dr. Besso for an evaluation.

The staff at the Besso Clinic is very knowledgeable and friendly. The pain relief for me was unbelievably fast. I had drastic improvements within the first week. To be honest, I was surprised by how soon after my appointments I was feeling better. I had lived with migraines for so long that they had become part of my life and affected my well being.

Since starting treatment at the Besso Clinic my migraines have drastically been reduced. I’m excited that I can get through a whole day without being wiped out be a blinding migraine. I believe my treatment at the Besso Clinic is fixing the cause of my migraines. Other treatments, therapies, and drugs were only masking the problem. I am so thankful and truly amazed by this procedure and feel like I have my life back.”

–Christy S.

Pinched nerves, joint degeneration

“I was going to a general chiropractor for several months for neck and shoulder pain. After each appointment I would feel good for a while but the feeling would not last! I made a call to the Besso Clinic for an appointment.

My spine was misaligned not letting the joints move the way they should. This caused body imbalance, there were other things such as pinched nerves and bone degeneration. I have been going to the Besso Clinic for a short while and I am feeling better!

Thank you Dr. Geoff and Dr. Amy for sharing your gifts and acquired knowledge in helping people- I’m glad I came to the Besso Chiropractic Clinic.

~Because He Lives~”

— Alvis S.

Migraines, throat pain, muscle pain, fatigue, RLS

“I found Besso Clinic online. I had been to many ‘regular’ chiropractors and my pain would get worse. I decided to try NUCCA Chiropractic.

I had been in pain for over 22 years. I have chronic migraines, sometimes lasting for weeks. I would take migraine pills 2 or 3 times a week and injections once or twice a month. I always had a headache. My neck had large painful knots that my massage therapist could not get out. I had pain in the throat, esophagus pain, facial pain, ear pain, restless leg syndrome and fatigue. I also had memory loss and a dizzy feeling most of the time.

It’s been over 3 months that I have been coming to the Besso Clinic. I haven’t had a migraine once. I haven’t taken any migraine pills or injections! The throat pain and esophagus pain are gone. My fatigue has subsided by half, the joint and muscle pain in my body by about 80%, my restless leg syndrome is almost gone and the dizziness is gone! I still have some facial pain and ear pain, which I found out is a TMJ disorder that is being treated.

I can’t believe the difference in me. A coworker said “Hey, you don’t complain about headaches anymore!” My husband sees a major difference in me. I am so blessed to have found the Besso Clinic and Dr. Besso!”

— Niki M.

Extreme tightness in the low back, mid back and upper thoracic area

“When I first began treatment at the Besso Clinic I suffered with an extreme tightness and pain in my lower back, mid back and the upper thoracic area. I could not do any physical work at all, and this had been going on for three years.

I frequented a chiropractor who twisted me, and I took everything from pain killers to muscle relaxers. I even tried back ointments with no relief.

I like the fact that I actually got results that have lasted for more than a short time! The staff here is friendly and outgoing and will joke with their patients which is refreshing! My least favorite part of the care isn’t the care, but the drive. I drive from New Philadelphia, Ohio which is one hour each way!

I am not 100% “cured” but feel much better than before. I am able to do a lot of things that I previously could not do, and more often. I would recommend the Besso Clinic to anyone who has back and neck problems!”

— Tom M. New Philadelphia, Ohio

Jaw pain, tingling in hands and legs

When I first started being treated at the Besso Clinic I had severe pain in my neck and pain on both sides of my jaw. I had lower back pain more often than not. I also experienced some tingling in my hands and down my legs. I had been suffering from these problems for years, it was awful. I tried therapy, but found that I felt worse after the treatments. I took Advil almost daily for 12 years!

Dr. Besso is such an understanding person! Finally, I have a Doctor I feel comfortable talking with about how I feel. I can ask him questions, and he understands. The staff is so wonderful! Everyone is so nice, always smiling; it makes you feel better.

My neck feels so much better! The pain in my jaw is pretty much gone since Dr. Besso has been adjusting them. My neck feels stronger, and I’m much more comfortable when I lie down. I would recommend Dr. Besso to anyone with severe pain. He sure has helped me; I don’t have to live on Advil anymore!”

— Theresa, S.

Terrible pain, loss of arm strength

“For years I suffered with lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and pain in my right arm. I’ve experienced discomfort, stiff neck, and pain in my back and neck for years. The low back pain being at its worse in the morning. The pain was terrible, and I began to lose strength in my arm and had an awful ache in my elbow. The pain usually went away after a few days, but the last occurrence lasted much longer along with numbness in my elbow and fingers.

Prior to visiting the Besso Clinic I was treated by a surgeon who said the pain was from a disc problem in my back, and recommended either surgery or therapy. I chose therapy which was accompanied with steroids. The pain was gone, but never eliminated.

After being referred to the Besso Clinic I found Dr. Besso to be very informative and professional. He showed me my x-ray films, explained my condition and enlightened me about my progress. Finally someone that would answer all of my questions! The office staff was also very nice. Each visit I was greeted with a friendly smile, professionalism and wonderful hospitality. I could not have been treated better, they even went as far as providing me with a map and directions when needed!

I would strongly recommend Drs. Geoff and Amy Besso and staff to anyone experiencing any pain or discomfort. The NUCCA adjustment is very non-invasive, but a rather gentle technique that produces results. I’m finally PAIN FREE! My friends and family even commented on the noticeable improvement in my walk! After a few visits, all the pain was relatively gone. My spinal subluxation was being corrected, the numbness was gone and the strength returning to my arm! Most importantly Dr. Besso was putting me in proper alignment!”

— Richard K. Independence, Ohio

I can play with my grandkid and golf again!

When I first started treatment at the Besso Clinic I had been suffering for about six months with pain in my right leg. I could hardly get out of bed in the morning it was so bad! The pain had progressed into my right hip as well as some tingling in my toes. I attempted unsuccessfully to treat this with over the counter pain medications.

My results with the Besso Clinic have been great! My leg pain was gone! And it hasn’t come back! I can play golf again! I can shop without pain! I can hike with my grandson again! I would tell anyone in pain to see the Doctors at the Besso Clinic! Don’t go anywhere but here!”

— Kay R.

Dizziness, nausea, balance, achiness

When I began my treatment at the Besso Clinic I suffered for about a year with dizziness, nausea and light-headedness. I felt off balance and ached all over. I sought treatment from many medical tests on head, balance, stomach test, etc. None of which really solved the problem.

The staff at the Besso Clinic is very kind, caring, helpful and encouraging. I would recommend Dr. Besso highly. He has helped me a lot!

I am better, but not totally well, as I have some relapses. I cannot think of a negative thing to say about the Besso Clinic, I do not know what I would have done without this care. It has helped the dizziness, nausea, and my balance. They are genuine, caring people.”

— Sandra J.

Neck and back pain

“Dr. Besso was recommended to me by a friend. I had pain in the back of my neck. This had been bothering me for about six months and Tylenol wasn’t helping. On a scale of one to ten, my pain was a 10.

After about three weeks of treatment my pain started to subside. I have been under Dr. Besso’s care for about 8 months now and my pain is about 90% better, maybe a one or two. Most days I have no pain.

The staff is always pleasant and takes care of any concerns I have. I would and have recommended Dr. Besso to my family and friends, I tell them he is very nice and really helped me. Dr. Besso is not only a very good doctor, but he is a very caring doctor. He wants to relieve you of pain and he does.”

— Ernest M.

Hip pain, mental clarityI feel like a new person!

“My name is Christine. I am 59 years old and have been dealing with hip pain in my right side for a number of years. I have a job where I have to stand for eight hours a day, and it was getting rather difficult to do. On one of those “difficult & painful” days I saw a newspaper ad for Besso Clinic in the lunchroom. I picked up the phone and made an appointment. What did I have to lose? Just maybe they could help this pain and stiffness – which wasn’t going away on its own! My body was so stiff that I didn’t even realize how stiff my neck was, which I’ve learned was the cause of this whole problem.

First of all, the staff here at Besso Clinic is top notch. Dr. Besso, Donna and Tina are polite, compassionate and caring. They make you feel like you’re the most important patient that they have!

Over the past five months of treatment, I have been feeling better and better. The area of pain in my right hip is nearly gone. I move easier and feel more flexible. I am standing all day with less pain. My co-workers have commented that I have a sense of calmness – maybe that’s their way of saying I’m easier to get along with! I can go up and down stairs easier instead of one step at a time! I have a far better sense of well being, and I am happier!”

— Christine S. Stow, Ohio

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Besso Clinic of Chiropractic, Inc.

4.0 out of 5 stars
- October 28, 2017

Staff and doctors very profesional and friendly. You have a sense that they really want to help with your problems.


5.0 out of 5 stars
- October 26, 2017

Dr. Besso's kind, skillfull and effective treatments have relieved me of both shoulder pain and back pain. Would I recommend him? Absolutely! Thank-you Dr. Besso for making a difference in my life.


5.0 out of 5 stars
- October 7, 2017

EXCELLENT, could not be any better. Staff is GREAT. Doctor is GREAT.


4.0 out of 5 stars
- October 6, 2017

So far I feel pretty good, the staff is very friendly, and always happy to see you.


5.0 out of 5 stars
- October 5, 2017

Great. I am looking forward to having my problem corrected. Dr's Besso and Mike are very knowledgeable and the staff is friendly and takes good care of you.I would recommend this clinic to anyone.


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