Do you suffer from allergies? There are natural and effective treatment options available.

Natural Treatment for Allergies

“It is estimated that 40 to 50 million Americans have seasonal allergies, ” said David Winston, RH, “There are springtime allergies, autumn allergies, food allergies, allergic asthma- all types of allergies have increased.”

As the amount of Americans suffering from springtime allergies continues to rise, many are turning to natural practitioners after unhappy experiences with pharmaceutical products that can cause a number of side effects. “Allergies are increasing and there is a growing dissatisfaction with the pharmaceutical offerings,’ said Eileen Sheets, managing director of New York-based Bioforce USA.

Natural Treatment for Allergies

According to Ron Boltas, CNC, ND, DHM, nutritional consultant for Texas-based Progressive Laboratories, vitamin C and bioflavonoids together act as natural antihistamines and help detoxify foreign substances from entering the body. In addition, vitamin C helps to block allergic reactions and rebuild healthy membranes. “Vitamin C is important and should be taken along with bioflavonoids, ” he said. “Vitamin C and flavonoids help normalize histamine release”.