Migraines Lead to Brain Tissue Abnormalities

Migraine, Migraines, Headache, Headaches, Head Pain, Migraine Headaches, Migraine Relief, Headache Relief, Tension Headache, Tension Headaches, Migraine Headaches, Migraine Headaches ReliefEven suffering from one migraine headache can be incapacitating, but imagine having them 15 days out of the month! If a person has migraines for at least 15 days during a month’s time, the condition is considered chronic in nature. Other headaches, besides migraines, that can become chronic are:

  • Rebound or medication overuse headaches
  • Tension headaches
  • Headaches affecting only one side of the head called hemicrania continua

Approximately 3-5% of people suffer from these chronic headache conditions around the globe. Recent research is revealing just how serious headaches can be.

Tissue Loss and Migraines

Research has revealed that there are changes that go on in the brains of people who suffer from migraines and other chronic headaches. What is being seen is a drastic change in brain tissue compared to those that do not experience chronic headaches.

Migraines are actually a neurological issue that have the main symptom of severe head pain. What are some other symptoms?

Studies indicate that there is a definite loss of tissue in the brain in migraine patients. Dr. Rocca examined 16 migraine patients and discovered that each one had these changes in brain tissue. This was noted likely to be caused by repeated attacks of pain. Since this is such a serious situation, one may wonder if there is any safe, natural way to alleviate migraines and other headaches?

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Upper Cervical Chiropractors Help Patients Find Answers for Migraines

Often, the pain of migraines can be linked to a misalignment in the upper neck vertebrae. At Upper Cervical Health Center Boise, we examine patients to see if this has occurred. We only adjust patients when they have misalignments. Once the misalignment is corrected, migraine patients often see a reduction or resolution of migraine headaches and other chronic headache types.
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