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Dr. Geoff Besso
graduated with a Bachelor in Science from Clemson University. Following his bachelors degree he enrolled at the prestigious Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. After a four year intensive program he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2002. He is Board Certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and a member of the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA), making him 1 of only 8 doctors in the state of Ohio who concentrate on the specific, gentle upper cervical chiropractic technique.

While in school he mentored underclassman teaching chiropractic technique and biomechanics. While working on his doctorate he completed over 200 hours in additional training in the upper cervical spine and the NUCCA technique. He received further training in 2 successful clinics near Atlanta Georgia.

chiropractic Stow OHDr. Besso and his wife Dr. Amy Besso opened their own practice in Stow in 2005 and have been blessed to help thousands of patients with conditions ranging from Fibromyalgia to Migraine headaches.

In 2007, he was asked to join the Fibromyalgia Centers of America (FCA). In 2009, he was nominated as the feature doctor of the month by the FCA, a national organization of doctors with a heart to help people impacted by Fibromyalgia. In 2008, he was named to the Medical Advisory Board for the Akron General Wellness Centers, North and West. He was the only chiropractor to serve on the board.

Dr. Besso grew up in the Detroit area of Michigan. His mom is a nurse and his dad a chemical engineer by trade. He has been married to my wife ‘Dr.’ Amy for 6 years. They are a Christian family with three kids Gannon, Riley, and Brady.

“My experience has given me a great opportunity to learn to care for a wide variety of ailments from which my patients suffer. My mission is to restore health through specific chiropractic care, allowing my patients to live their lives to the fullest. Our passion and prayerful longing for true community led us to serve in this wonderful Northeast Ohio community. We could not be more excited to help you get your life back!”

Dr. Michael Anthony Golkiewicz was born in Barberton Ohio and lived in Toledo Ohio until moving to Marietta Georgia to attend Life University College of Chiropractic. After graduation, he moved to Akron Ohio to be closer to his dad and to begin practice at the Besso clinic of Chiropractic in Stow Ohio.

In his early childhood and teen years Dr. Mike suffered with severe back pain due to scoliosis, spinal malformations and sports injuries. At age 16 an intense episode of back pain and sciatic radiculopathy caused him to miss several days of school and work, leaving him “bed ridden” and unable to move. After “crawling in” to a local chiropractor, he felt like he was “able to walk out”. He later had a few minor bouts with the sciatic radiculopathy which resolved after he began regular chiropractic care. Dr. Mike says that “Chiropractic has kept me going, I’ve been able to work, play sports, live without pain, sleep well and think well because of it”.

After 12 years as an Auto Collision repair technician he found his former career unfulfilling and chose a career in Chiropractic so he could help others with similar conditions. During his 4 years at Life University Dr. Mike focused his extra time studying Orthospinology, Atlas Orthogonal and Advanced Orthogonal Uppercervical adjusting techniques. He also devoted much study to the Pierce and Gonstead Spinal analysis and adjusting methods along with extremity adjusting taking a special interest in correction of foot and ankle misalignments. Due to the frequency and nature of spinal disc injuries he also offers the Cox flexion distraction technique to help those with low back and cervical disc injuries.

Dr. Mike believes that most patients only have 1 or 2 true subluxations with many compensations, and that by finding and correcting the subluxation the body will be able to correct the compensations on its own. He believes the most consequential subluxation occurs when misalignment is found at the Atlas or first cervical vertebrae due to its proximity with the brainstem and that correction of the Atlas misalignment can take pressure off the brainstem and spinal cord allowing the nervous system to function optimally. Dr. Mike takes a systematic approach to chiropractic care for his patients to help identify each patient’s problem, correct the problem and then maintain the correction!

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